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Move With Life: Learn to Speak & Listen from the Heart

  • Inner Metamorphasis University 1418 Howard Street Chicago, IL 60626 (map)

Workshop: Based on the Focusing Method by Gene Gendlin

In the Focusing Process the Focuser becomes deeply present to the happenings in the body; to sensations, qualities, the inner atmosphere, and all else that arises out of the inner space; images, memories, gestures…
Occasionally the Focuser expresses what is happening, and both, Focuser and listener hold the space in a friendly, accepting and compassionate attitude toward whatever is arising.

As you learn to be a deeply listening, safe and steady presence to the Focuser, supporting him or her to be with whatever shows itself, you will find this to be the most powerful catalyst for acceptance and change.
Gradually you also become able to offer this heart-felt presence to all of your own inner confusions and pain, and thereby learn one of the most powerful self-help tools.

This workshop for all levels.

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