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Move With Life: Improve Jaw & Neck Functioning Release TMJ, Find Emotional Balance & Inner Quiet

  • Inner Metamorphasis University 1418 Howard Street Chicago, IL 60626 (map)

Workshop: Based on the Feldenkrais Method®

Whether you find yourself grinding your teeth at night, or whether you only once in a while notice a tightness in your jaw during challenging moments of life – for most of us, difficult emotions or stress result in chronic tension of the jaw musculature. Gentle yet precise movement explorations, with an emphasis on sensory self-awareness, not only result in a more functional and effective use of self and in bodily well-being and relaxation, but can also free us from emotionally stuck places.

Just as for example fear manifests itself in the body in the form of increased flexor-activation, discovering how to release these often chronic muscular holding patterns can free us from a constant inner background atmosphere of fear that may have become a life-long habit.

Whether your goal is more physical comfort and relaxation, an improved quality of action, or emotional and mental clarity, these practices of movement awareness will lead you in the right direction.

Forming habits is one of the most essential keys in life-long learning, and very necessary for survival, in other words tremendously valuable. As life keeps on changing many of our habits become outdated, limiting and painful. Unless we take a conscious decision to actively explore ourselves in order to make those outdated elusive habits visible to ourselves and in order to find ways to replace them with fresh possibilities – appropriate to  the right now – we remain stuck in what was ingrained in us over a long period of time.

Join this exciting journey in discovering more about yourself, of becoming your own authority and living your potential, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Movement lessons offered involve the whole body, and will help anyone in many surprising ways and beyond the highlighted topic.
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